#VWGolf Mark 7 wins 50th Car of the Year award at Geneva motor show – an annotated graphic

All hail the mighty VW Golf, back in its seventh incarnation and an award-winner already. It is now the European Car of the Year, as voted for by motoring journalists at the Geneva Auto Show.

Did you know the Golf is the smallest car Volkswagen sells in America? Size-wise, the Beetle is a larger car, you see. Not for the Yanks the diminutive joys of the Fox, Lupo, Polo or Up!

Way back in September (man alive, where does the time go?) we posted another spiffy infographic about the VW Golf Mark 7, as it debuted at the Paris Motor Show. That’s worth a look, if cars are your thing.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

VW Golf Mk VII: Car of the Year 2013
VW Golf Mk VII: Car of the Year 2013

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