#Apple #iWatch and #Samsung on the up – two annotated graphics

You can’t rest on your laurels for a second in the dog-eat-dog – or at least dog-surpass-dog – world of high-tech electronic gizmos and doodads. It’s not enough merely to come out with an iPhone 5 or iPad Mini or Galaxy SIII or Chromebook or what have you. Whoever you are, one’s competitors are always there, right behind you, snapping at your iHeels.

With this in mind, we have two infographics along these lines to share today. The first concerns Apple’s rumoured iWatch, the inevitable next must-have gadget; the second details Apple’s market share bare-knuckle fist-fight with Samsung and Google, both of whom are openly admiring of Apple’s lunch and express a keen desire to eat it. The iWatch must therefore fulfill its destiny to become the next weapon of mass ifunction for Apple in the war for the world’s wallets.

Update! E&T has reported the news from Samsung that it is planning some sort of super-techno watch as well. Now the competition is so fierce that even ideas and concepts can be trumped by one’s rivals! Our dynamically updated Apple news page is always worth a look to easily keep abreast of such twisty turny tech developments.

Click on either graphic for an expanded view.

TECH: Apple ÒiWatchÓ rumours gather pace

Apple under pressure from Samsung and Google
Apple under pressure from Samsung and Google

2 thoughts on “#Apple #iWatch and #Samsung on the up – two annotated graphics

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