#EandT photo competition results – check our #Flickr stream and nominate your favourites!

A couple of months ago, we launched a photo competition called ‘Bring E&T to Unusual Places!’ – or ‘BEATUP!’ for short. Not that making it shorter actually helped make it any more lucid, but that’s the kind of devil-may-care, anarchic fellows we are…

Anyhoo, the closing date for entries has now passed, so we’re going to draw up a shortlist of contenders, as well as picking a winner – and that’s where you come in. Take a look at the Flickr photostream of the entries received (with one notable exception, as regrettably the photo submitted of a naked reader in the bath protecting their modesty with a copy of E&T has sadly gone AWOL) and let us know which one(s) you like most. Add a comment here, tweet us @eandtmagazine, or email vvitaliev@theiet.org

Although this competition has closed, we still want to hear from more readers taking E&T to weird and wonderful places in the world. We’re creating an interactive map using Google Fusion that we’ll be adding to our website within the next few weeks, plotting all the places E&T has journeyed to, so readers are invited to contribute their own photos to the project. Let’s tag the planet for engineering and technology!

E&T Flickr photostream
E&T Flickr photostream

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