#Maersk Triple-E set to be the world’s largest and most fuel-efficient ship – an annotated graphic

People love the “world’s biggest [blank]” stories. While probably not high on the all-time list of Things That Are Awesome, the announcement by Danish shipping behemoth Maersk of its Triple-E container ship does at least make the grade, qualifying by dint of being the world’s largest and most fuel-efficient container ship.

Today’s infographic helpfully details the Triple-E from prow to stern, including the fascinating nugget that it will be able to transport approximately 108 million pairs of training shoes. This might not seem immediately relevant, until you consider that the ship’s intended route is from China to Europe. In the case of training shoes, this is a modern-day silk route directly from producer to consumer. Short of actually making the shoes on board the ship as it sails, this is about as direct as it gets.

As a neat side-angle on this story, E&T ran a news item about the naming of this mammoth vessel.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Maersk Triple-E container ship
Maersk Triple-E container ship

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