Premier League adopts Hawkeye goal-line technology – an annotated graphic

Frustrated footballers of the last 40 years will likely be simultaneously revelling (for justice) and raging (at the memory of disallowed legitimate goals) with the news that the FA has finally decided to adopt goal-line technology.

From next season, all Premier League football grounds will have the Hawkeye camera system installed in both goals.  Referees and linesmen will also rejoice, as this should put an end to those embarrassing clusters of players haranguing the men in black in a determined effort to force a reversal of controversial decisions.

In a pleasing ironic twist, the British-based Hawkeye system beat German rival GoalControl to win the contract, although presumably not on penalties. E&T news covered the full goal-line technology story yesterday.

You might also enjoy this E&T video, about Hawkeye’s use of ball-tracking technology and the opportunities for gamification and use in entertainment.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Premier League to select goal line technology
Premier League to select goal line technology

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