Google Glass – the augmented reality future is now, providing you adhere strictly to the end-user agreement…

Despite the Draconian restrictions imposed by Google on anyone foolish enough to fork out over £1,000 on a pair of Glass (Google can turn them off at any time, if it feels that you’ve overstepped the end-user agreement stipulations), apparently people are still extremely anxious so to do.

To us, Glass seems uncomfortably like the optical equivalent of those people in the late 1990s who’d stride towards you on the pavement, booming away to apparently no one in particular, until you realised they had a Bluetooth earpiece and were on the phone to their mum. Oh well, to each his own.

If you’re finding reality lacklustre, augmenting it in some way could well be the way forward. The latest issue of E&T magazine is an augmented reality special, looking at the myriad ways AR technology can be applied to engineering and technology. We look at the Google Glass project (as seen on the cover of the new issue); how augmented reality could soon have a serious impact on the defence, medical and education industries; the ways in which retailers are turning to augmented reality to drive sales, brand reinforcement, customer relationships, and to improve the shopping experience; whether AR has a useful place in the industrial sector; how augmented reality can be used to deliver more immersive travel and learning experiences; and finally at how to develop AR apps.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Google Glass augmented reality computer
Google Glass augmented reality computer

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