#Hacking top 10 by country, as #cybercrime sweeps the globe – an annotated graphic

It is with little fanfare or surprise that China should come out on top of a list of most-active computer hacking countries. Maybe the margin of its superiority will raise an intrigued eyebrow or two, however – 41 per cent of the total, compared to the lowly 10 per cent of its nearest rival, the USA. They’re very busy in the peoples’ Republic. Meanwhile, old-school hacking legend Russia has slumped to fourth place, bested by Turkey of all countries. Gobble that nugget down, comrades!

Hacking, cybercrime and cyber-security are naturally big news on account of all this activity and E&T is keeping pace. Check out this little lot, all from the last month or so alone: £7.5m for cyber security training centres; China dismisses US cyber-espionage claims; UK security skills gap aiding cyber crime; Evasion techniques slipping through IT defences; Self-proclaimed LulzSec leader arrested in Australia; Cyber-attacks on businesses soar in past year; Basics key for businesses to beat the hackers; Controversial US cyber-security bill passes first stage; Obama shifts military focus to cyber-security; Chinese cyber-attacks eroding nation’s credibility; Everyday hackers’ are on the rise

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Top ten hacking countries
Top ten hacking countries

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