Underwater #drones to be deployed in the Gulf – an annotated graphic

Drones: now officially everywhere. We’re not talking about the use of sustained tanpura tones underpinning an Indian raga performance here, no sirree bob – we’re talking about them sneaky unmanned vehicles, surreptitiously gliding about the place. Land-based drones, aerial drones and now underwater drones. Land, air and sea – drones.

The latest news from Drones Central is the deployment of Seafox UUV (cute name, eh?) underwater unmanned vehicle drones in the Gulf, sent on a search and destroy mission to hunt for mines bobbing in the ocean in order to keep strategic sea lanes open.

Up to 40 nations will take part in the exercise to deter mine-laying in strategic Gulf sea lanes, amid continuing tensions between the west and Iran over Tehran’s nuclear programme. The drones will be deployed to keep potential choke points in the Strait of Hormuz free of mines.

Far be it for us to underplay the enormity of what is at stake here, but the job of the remote operator looks like a larf, doesn’t it? We will confidently lay actual folding money down to bet that the operator quietly enjoys his or her work. Knocks your Xbox One in to a cocked hat.

E&T regularly covers drone news, so if drones are your thing you might like to come on over to our news place and search for “drones”.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Seafox underwater drones
Seafox underwater drones

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