Hawkeye goal-line technology for the football Premier League – an annotated graphic

With the England football team not entirely embarrassing themselves in Rio against Brazil at the weekend – partly because the Brazil football team are fairly underwhelming these days, a big name trading on the legend of past glories, like, say, the Rolling Stones or Sony – we thought now was a good time to share this graphic explaining how the Hawkeye goal-line technology will work when it is introduced to the Premier League next season.

E&T has, of course, been following the Hawkeye technology for some time. Your eyeballs could do worse than point themselves at this Hawkeye video and this football feature in the latest issue of the magazine, which also includes a list of the most hotly contested goals-that-never-were in the pre-Hawkeye football era. Referee!

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Hawkeye in action
Hawkeye in action

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