#RaspberryPi mini computer goes from strength to strength – an annotated graphic

With a million Raspberry Pi computers sold in the first year, will this seed a new generation of top young British computer coders and programmers?

The credit card-sized computer continues to surprise and delight as enthusiasts come up with increasingly innovative uses for the device. Most recently, the Zoological Society of London won the Google Global Impact Challenge with its plan to combat rhino poachers in Kenya, using hidden cameras powered by Raspberry Pi computers to capture images and track the movements of rhinos and poachers.

E&T magazine had a special issue dedicated to the diminutive computer in March 2013. Check it out online, as we look at uses for the Raspberry Pi in education and also for more everyday “grown up” applications and novel solutions.

Earlier in the year, we also reported on the Tweeting chicken that deters dieters from sneaking snacks, a sentinel for the larder powered by a Raspberry Pi. Cheep and cheerful!

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

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