Wind turbines: new helium design floats higher for more power – an annotated graphic

Wind turbines – always a contentious topic, as the NIMBYs of the world vociferously protest their siting anywhere within a hundred miles of their lounge windows. Personally, your correspondent finds the average wind turbine a tranquil, attractive technology, calmly rotating like a Flensted mobile writ large on the landscape. Mmm… rotaty.

Anyway, the latest thinking for wind turbines is this floating, air-borne, helium-filled concept. Faintly reminiscent of the barrage balloons of WWII, the design has been cited as a solution for cheap renewable energy power generation in remote areas and disaster zones. Looks like a good idea on paper.

Naturally, E&T magazine is all over wind turbines in our news pages. A wee search on “wind turbines” there will shower you with 288 results, at time of writing. Check us out for your regular fill of engineering and technology news.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Airborne wind turbine

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