Cloud computing under scrutiny after NSA PRISM leaks – an annotated graphic

The Cloud. 10 years ago, no one talked about the Cloud, much less gave it that elevated sense of Title Case Importance. Now we’re all putting vast swathes of our lives up in the Cloud – sometimes without realising it or without much of a choice in the matter.

Naturally, wherever there is a vast amount of intriguing personal data swimming about, you’ll find nefarious and paranoid types doing the backstroke in it, splashing about and generally creating unnecessary waves. Neither the revelation that (a) the US government has been quietly intercepting and monitoring all cloud traffic since 2007, nor that (b) its PRISM data analysis structure has itself subsequently sprung a data leak should come as a surprise to us any more.

The thorny issue of IT security – or rather IT insecurity, as we could just as easily call it – makes regular appearances in E&T‘s daily news stream, as well as being the star of its very own Special Report, a compendium of E&T‘s IT security news and features in recent years.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

PRISM leaks
PRISM leaks

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