#Wimbledon 2020 vision – All England Club’s plans to expand – an annotated graphic

With the 2013 Wimbledon Championships under way – and ex-footballer and “spud flogger extraordinaire” Gary Lineker surprisingly vocal and outspoken about it on Twitter – now seemed the right time to share this infographic depicting the All England Club’s plans to upgrade and expand their lovely lawn tennis venue by the year 2020.

A retractable roof for No.1 Court is the big news, while optimistic Britons will be delighted with the plans for expansion of the Aorangi Terrace (aka Henman Hill, aka Murray Mound), whereby the hill folk will be able to actually see over the tennis courts below. Plenty more modernising nips and tucks are planned throughout the Club and its grounds.

Of course, there is much more tennis taking place on these hallowed courts throughout the year than just the annual Wimbledon Championships fortnight – jewel in the sport’s crown as that is – so these changes represent a significant investment in the future of English tennis.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Wilmbledon's future vision
Wimbledon’s future vision

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