San Francisco Boeing 777 plane crash – an aviation safety success by design

Safety features of the Boeing 777 have been cited as helping to prevent a much worse disaster during Saturday’s crash of an Asiana Airlines aircraft at the San Francisco airport.

Experts have said the event, which killed two Chinese teenagers and resulted in serious injuries to many of the plane’s 291 passengers, will not pose a substantial setback for the aircraft manufacturer as it presented clear evidence that the safety engineers did a very good job when designing the aircraft.

Despite the frightening image, the flame-retardant cabin interior managed to keep the fire at bay long enough for most passengers to evacuate the wrecked plane. Moreover, the fuselage remained mostly intact during the crash landing and subsequent sliding of the wreck over the runway.

E&T covered this story in more detail earlier today.

In support of this story, we also have an infographic detailing the most significant air crashes in recent years.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Worst recent plane disasters
Worst recent plane disasters


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