#Boeing and #Airbus 2013 sales fly up, up and away – an annotated graphic

Despite battery problems, crash landings and the astronomical cost of ownership, people are apparently buying aeroplanes by the bucketload. Of course, when we say people, we mean multinational airlines. And when we say bucketload, we mean lots. Entire hangars full of shiny fresh planes ordered up. The Paris Air Show last month certainly helped, as our infographic today reveals.

During the first half of 2013, Boeing and Airbus delivered aircraft at a rate of three a day. Boeing delivered 306 planes and Airbus 295 – a rare sign that the global economy could be on the mend. These things don’t come cheap, after all. It’ll take a lot of holidaying bums on seats to pay them off, but don’t you worry – the airlines will find a way.

E&T covers Boeing and Airbus news all the time – check out our Boeing 787 Dreamliner running story, for example, which dynamically updates with the latest news.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Aircraft orders take off
Aircraft orders take off

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