#Quatermass at 60 – E&T magazine reflects on a technologist hero

This November marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. It’s an important milestone for a show that, like its hero, will not die. However, some science-fiction fans are disappointed that the BBC is not celebrating another, arguably more seminal birthday this month: the 60th anniversary of The Quatermass Experiment.

Mention Quatermass to anyone over 40 and you’ll invoke a very British sense of horror and a narrowly-averted apocalypse. Quatermass was never a cult character; he was decidedly mainstream. He was British TV’s first fictional creation who could ‘empty the pubs’. Kneale died in 2006, but his influence over UK media will persist for many years to come. And rightly so. But whether it is properly recognised is another matter.

Read the full Quatermass at 60 article by Paul Dempsey online now at E&T magazine dot com.

Quatermass II film poster
Quatermass II film poster

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