The Future is Here: A New Industrial Revolution

Reporter Edd Gent visited the press launch of the Design Museum’s latest exhibition, The Future is Here: a New Industrial Revolution, to speak curator Alex Newson about the impact digital manufacturing is having on the way we view the process of design and creation.

The museum is collaborating with the Technology Strategy Board to showcase the sweeping changes in manufacturing that are transforming the world and the relationships between manufacturer and consumer.

The exhibition, which opened today, will house the first “factory” of its kind where visitors can discover how 3D printing works and witness live production. Other exhibits include mass-produced but personalised trainers, a carbon loom invented by Lexus to weave car parts, 3D printed dolls with features that consumers can design and order online and an open-source approach to architecture – the WikiHouse.

Visit the E&T Magazine website for the full story.

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