#Apple iPhone 5 rumours – an annotated graphic

The self-perpetuating interwebs rumour mill continues to churn out Apple iPhone 5 rumours all the live long day, with most consensus coalescing around the notions of an flagship iPhone 5S, with enhanced Security features, and a new iPhone 5C, decked out in snazzy touch-esque Colours and made of plastic, not aluminium.

As ever with Apple, we won’t know until they tell us, but in the meantime consider this infographic our small contribution to the mountain of Apple rumour. And consider this collected page of E&T news our contribution to the mountain of actual Apple fact.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Latest Apple iPhone rumours
Latest Apple iPhone rumours

One thought on “#Apple iPhone 5 rumours – an annotated graphic

  1. Dear Engtechmag,
    Thanks for your thoughts, I just read that the new iphone 5 is going to be 1 tenth the wieght of the iphone 4 and the battery lasts 14.5 hours longer as well WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!! It said the way they made it so amazingly light was by removing uneeded features such as:
    1. the screen
    2. wifi
    3. the infamous single button…

    I am so sick of how fast my iphone 4 battery runs out, its going to be amazing to have my new iphone 5 last for 37 hours ( of normal use,, not video play ) .. i cant wait.. APPLE > YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN >>

    Does anyone else know anything more about the iphone 5 ( a pic would be great)????
    I’ll be back to read more next time

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