#Google making money and hiding money – an annotated graphic

As we here in the UK are faced with a 100 per cent price hike in the cost of buying lottery tickets, such that we’re now looking down the barrel of having to spend twice as much money in the vain hope of winning enough money to escape what Homer Simpson memorably described as the drudgery of work and family, it’s always refreshing to hear about hyperglobalmegacorps trousering inordinate piles of money and then squirrelling it away overseas to avoid paying tax at home.

Google is one such company, whose Chrome browser has also been revealed to now account for more than half of all web traffic generated by the world’s desktop computers. The search behemoth will need to order another couple of dozen extra solid-gold wheelbarrows to ferry away all that lovely ad-revenue cash. Not content with eating Internet Explorer’s lunch, Chrome is now tucking in to Firefox’s as well. Meanwhile, Safari and Opera bump along the bottom, hoping Chrome doesn’t notice them.

Click on the graphics for an expanded view.

U.S. tech firms hoard profits
U.S. tech firms hoard profits


Web browser usage trends
Web browser usage trends

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