Costa Concordia salvage operation – an annotated graphic

A little over 18 months since the Costa Concordia cruise ship veered off course, struck the Italian island of Giglio and sank, plans are afoot to salvage the submerged wreck.

An international team of engineers is working on an operation to haul the wreck upright, using a combination of subsea platforms, buoyant caissons and good old-fashioned cables for pulling things. If the attempt succeeds, the 114,000-tonne ship will be towed away for dismantling. Given the size of the cruise ship, there’s an awful lot of money in recyclable materials just sitting out there on the sand, so it’s easy to understand the motivation here.

We blogged about the Costa Concordia disaster on a number of occasions last year. If you click on the Costa Concordia link in the Tags section below, that’ll take you to a page gathering together all of our related infographics. Pretty neat, huh?

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Costa Concordia salvage operation
Costa Concordia salvage operation

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