#4G phones still generally rubbish shocker – an annotated graphic

The hype over 4G has been relentless for months now (years even), but apparently you can still count yourself lucky to get a signal in most parts of the world. Today’s snazzy infographic illustrates the global 4G signal coverage in a very pretty way: east coast America is the place to take your 4G handset, by the looks of things.

Naturally, users of BlackBerry 4G phones have bigger things to worry about today, as the once proud Canadian smartphone maker finally agrees to sell itself to its biggest shareholder for a shade under $3 billion. Having spent the past five years reeling from the sucker one-two punches Apple and Android has repeatedly landed on its reputation and oft-baffling product range, BlackBerry can count itself lucky not to have crashed quite as spectacularly as Nokia, but a sobering statistic for them today is the fact that the company sale price is actually the same as Apple made this week alone from sales of the iPhone 5S and 5C – and that’s in spite of half the interwebs ripping in to Apple and declaring the company devoid of new ideas and on the creative skids after the “underwhelming” 5S/5C annoucement. There’s nothing underwhelming about $3 billion in the bank!

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Global LTE 4G adoption
Global LTE 4G adoption

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