New Amazon #Kindle Fire HDX tablets, faster, stronger, more more more – an annotated graphic

Coo, you think you know all about the Kindle product evolution, then you look at the Wikipedia page for Amazon Kindle. We positively guarantee that there are versions of the Kindle on there that you have never seen or heard of before.

Anyway, there’s another one out now: the Kindle Fire HDX. Faster, lighter (natch) and with some other attractive stuff that past Kindle Fire HDs didn’t have. Today’s infographic details these incremental changes and throws in the obligatory comparison with an iPad, still the finest tablet bar none, no matter what anyone says. Take price out of the equation and it’s a no-brainer: iPad all the way.

Anyhoo, Kindle Fire HDX, game on etc. Incidentally, why are companies always said to “unveil” new products? Honestly, no product is ever hiding under a silk sheet in a secret laboratory these days. Lazy journalism, really, falling back on the same old cliches to describe events. It’s the equivalent of football managers being sick as a parrot or over the moon – although even football managers are smarter than that these days. Football managers smarter than technology journalists: discuss.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Amazon unveils new Kindle Fire tablets
Amazon unveils new Kindle Fire tablets

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