Games consoles 2014 – beyond the #PS4, #Xbox, #WiiU – an annotated graphic

Never mind your Sony Playstations, your Microsoft Xboxes and your Nintendo Wii-Us. Today’s infographic celebrates the lesser-known lights of the gaming world: the Ouya, the GameStick, the M.O.J.O., the Steam Machine and more.

Whilst unlikely to have the gaming giants quaking in their pixellated boots, this is a refreshing crop of pretty cheap and plenty cheerful alternatives, attractive as both an entry-level introduction to modern gaming and as a left-turn adjunct to the big boys’ mainstream offerings’. It’s the gaming equivalent of crate-digging in an independent record shop.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Alternative games consoles
Alternative games consoles

2 thoughts on “Games consoles 2014 – beyond the #PS4, #Xbox, #WiiU – an annotated graphic

  1. These are awesome, and some are pretty cheap too. I’ve never heard of half of these but the Shield, 2DS, Ouya and Vita are pretty well known to most gamers I’ve spoken to.

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