New issue of #EandT magazine online now – ID theft, digital healthcare, smart gadgets, cyber-espionage

It’s National Identify Theft Prevention Month and in the latest issue of E&T magazine, now available online, we look at the identity theft explosion that leaves people, companies and entire nations wide open.

We have some great features around this theme, including how to keep your digital identity safe; the digital future of healthcare; eavesdropping security agencies; smart gadgets creating opportunities for hackers to entre your virtual home and other such disturbing scenarios. We also have an exclusive podcast interview with a cyber-security expert about the latest developments in cyber-espionage. Don’t have nightmares, do sleep well.

If cyber-crime is your thing – or rather cyber-security, we hope – you might like to follow our burgeoning collection of cyber-security news and features, dynamically updated every time we post new content. Bookmark and enjoy.

E&T issue 10 2013
E&T issue 10 2013

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