#Apple rumoured to be launching 4K TVs in 2014 – an annotated graphic

As listeners to Radio 2’s breakfast show will know from recent broadcasts, the host of that show, Chris Evans, has recently bought a 4K television. As proud as he is of his latest acquisition and the superlative televisual experience that some new programmes deliver on it, he will freely admit that existing movies look a bit rubbish.

Apparently there are only two movie cameras in the world capable of filming at such high resolution. Presumably Peter Jackson had access to both of them, given that The Hobbit movies were filmed in 4K. “Older” films (and we use the term “older” very loosely) will have to suffer a degraded presentation.

So while the family Evans currently stands proudly at the vanguard of television, fully equipped to face the future, they – like the rest of us – will have to wait some years for a reasonable amount of actual content worth watching to accumulate. What is it with this relentless push to the future, with little or no regard for the past? Why do we allow ourselves to be so mercilessly whipped onwards by technology company bullies?

Accordingly, the rumours from the Far East about Apple preparing a 4K television of its own – presumably a typically high-end final piece for its Apple TV jigsaw – can be taken with a pinch of a salt and the slight raise of one curious eyebrow, if you’re sufficiently moved that way.

Naturally, before plunking down any of our hard-earned wedge, we here at E&T Towers are awaiting the announcement of 5K, 10K or possibly 50K TVs with screens the size of a house that require you to sit at least 100 feet away at all times in order not to go instantly blind. Villages and small towns will club together to buy one communal gigantic television that everyone goes to the village green to watch and neighbours will squabble over the remote about whether the massed ranks of townsfolk should watch Strictly Come Dancing On Ice or X-Factory. This will all come to pass, oh yes, that we guarantee*.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Apple 4K TV
Apple 4K TV

*Not an actual guarantee.


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