New issue of #EandT magazine online now – delve in to the Internet of Everything

As the late and golden-voiced Sandy Denny once so beautifully sang, who knows where the time goes? Out the bleedin’ window without so much as a how do you do, if you ask us. One minute you’re shopping for pumpkins, the next you’re counting down the days to Christmas. As goes October, so comes November – and with it, a new issue of E&T magazine.

In the latest issue, we look at the Internet of Everything, with a comprehensive A-Z of sensor technology, as well as a review of machine to machine communication. We also pay tribute to audio pioneer Ray Dolby, whose efforts to reduce the noise on recordings made epic movie soundtracks possible. The ongoing flight of Voyager 1, our planet’s first interstellar envoy, is discussed, as is the work of Crossrail’s archaeologists, who are uncovering hitherto unknown details about London’s prehistoric past. Plus a bunch of other stuff you’ll probably enjoy if you like this sort of thing!

E&T magazine issue 11 2013
E&T magazine issue 11 2013

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