Next Apple #iPhone to have curved glass edges and choice of screen sizes – an annotated graphic

A 21st-century day just wouldn’t feel complete without an Apple iPhone rumour, so without further ado here’s a new one to chew on: iPhones with curved glass edges. Ooh, and a choice of screen sizes, too. Just like, err, arch-rivals Samsung’s product range (those guys are back in court again…). Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we hereby present to you the Apple iPhablet. Possibly.

Apparently frustrated at the visible bezel around the iPhone screen edge, Apple is rumoured to be working on curved-glass edges to rid their flagship mopho of unsightly edges. Presumably visible bezels are the tech design equivalent of VPL. In tandem with the smoothy smoothness, another rumoured idea is a larger screen size.

Personally, your correspondent is not impressed with the ever-expanding size of what are still at heart mobile phones. It’s not like the human head is getting any longer or wider. Saying that, a mobile handset shaped like the old GPO 746 dial telephone would be officially Awesome. That was a really comfortable fit for the human head. And you could rest it between your cheek and your shoulder very easily while you wrote something down. Beats holding something flat the size of a paperback book to the side of your head any day.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

New iPhone design rumours
New iPhone design rumours

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