E&T magazine – the smartwatch vs wristwatch Christmas special – new issue online now

Tis the season to be jolly: the new issue of E&T magazine is out now! Tick tock, tick tock – it’s our watch special.

Will the rise of the smartwatch signal the demise of the simple wristwatch? Or are the reports of its death greatly exaggerated?

Smartwatches may be clever, but what exactly can they do? And do we even have the batteries yet to run them effectively? No one wants to be charging their watch every day.

We also reflect on watch technology over the years, citing 12 watch-making milestones along the way, and look to the future to see what watchmakers today have up their sleeves – and hopefully ours – for years to come. Enjoy it – read it when you have time!


E&T magazine issue 12 2013
E&T magazine issue 12 2013

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