New issue of E&T magazine online now – the #Utopia issue – utopias, dystopias and more

What does the ideal world look like, in an ideal world? This month, in the new issue of E&T magazine we look at the ideas of utopia and how one person’s utopia can be another’s dystopia.

There are plenty of truly wacky utopias, while other utopias have helped shape the modern world in surprising ways. Today’s techie Internet culture has its roots in the Silicon Valley of the 1970s, for example, which in turn was influenced by the Californian hippie culture of the 1960s.

It’s one of the technological utopias we examine in this issue, alongside visionary utopias based on the singularity principle or transhumanism. Utopias of the future can seem unobtainable, quaint and a little daft. But when technology makes one possible it becomes a worthwhile pursuit, and worth reaching for.

E&T magazine issue 1 2014
E&T magazine issue 1 2014

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