The future London black cab will be ‘green’

Last week, E&T Magazine visited an event where some of the future designs for London’s iconic black cab were introduced.

Attending the event was the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who said that by 2018 all new London taxis should be able to switch into an emission-free more. We spoke to the companies presenting their designs and asked them, how are they going to tackle the challenge.

We were particularly impressed by Frazer-Nash’s vision of a solar-powered charging station that will assure the energy powering the electric-hybrid vehicles will be as clean as it gets.

Designing a taxi for London is quite a challenge – and not just for technical reasons. Londoners are rather picky when it comes to the look of the car and not willing to accept many innovations. One of the manufacturers, Karsan, has therefore joined forces with the Royal College of Art to figure out the best possible design.

Watch our video here:





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