E&T magazine news – Yahoo e-mail snafu, girls vs boys university challenge, smarter solar, a beer-drinking electronic tongue and more!

We don’t often do this, so we hope you’ll forgive our very occasional shameless self-promotion lapses from time to time. Hey, you never know, you might actually find some of our latest news stories interesting or at the very least mildly diverting from the day job/dullard colleagues/wife and kids.

News stories like how Yahoo customer e-mails were hacked in the latest security breach, whereby usernames and passwords of some of Yahoo’s e-mail customers have been stolen and used to gather personal information about people they have recently corresponded with.

Yahoo, we've been hacked again!
Yahoo, we’ve been hacked again!

Or how while applications to university have risen, fewer males are applying than females.

Or the boost for Naked Energy, in its bid to start pilot production of heat-producing solar panels by mid-2014, as it receives £1m to get to market.

Or the excellent news that an electronic tongue designed by Spanish researchers has managed to identify beer brands with an 82 per cent success rate. Salud!

Or the genuinely exciting news that one of E&T’s own reporters, Tereza Pultarova, is at this very moment flying to the San Rafael Swell in the deserts of Utah, USA, to join the simulated Mars mission at the Mars Desert Research Station. Look out for her blog posts here, as Tereza reports on the conditions on faux Mars over the next two weeks.

Tereza Pultarova: life on Mars
Tereza Pultarova: life on Mars

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