New issue of E&T magazine online now – the #Sochi2014 #Olympics issue

The new issue of E&T magazine is online now.

With the Sochi Winter Olympics underway, we take a look at where the estimated $51bn (equivalent to around £30bn) has been spent; the engineering that went into the supporting transport infrastructure and its environmental impact; and the modern technology involved when building new sports stadia.

Away from the world of sport, we also meet an engineer who made an unusual career change, from avionics to jewellery designer; we report on the latest trends in biomimetics, in which engineering is inspired by the natural world; we learn of a new way of storing energy from intermittent alternative sources; how motion control has come on in leaps and bounds (as well as little hops and jumps); plus as much more of this sort of thing as we could squeeze in to the pages of this issue.

Check it out.

E&T, issue 2, 2014
E&T, issue 2, 2014

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