Digital device obsession vs #ValentinesDay – the big smackdown – an annotated graphic

On this most romantic day of all days, Valentine’s Day, even the most heavily screen-addicted person may have to reluctantly drag their eyes away from the mesmeric pixels they love so much and instead interact with any significant real-life human beings inhabiting their lives.

According to a recent Nielsen survey of 2,020 social media users in the US for its report, “The Digital Consumer”, the average American now owns four digital devices and spends 60 hours a week consuming content across them all. The good old tragic lantern (TV) is the clear weapon of choice for mass media consumption, with live TV mostly enjoyed through an HD tragic lantern these days. Smartphone apps are a distant second as a favourite waste of time, but are already outpacing PC internet browsing, with watching DVDs mere dust beneatch it’s app-store chariot wheels. Yep, the world is changing, fast. Keep up*.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Digital device use in 2014
Digital device use in 2014


*Or not, your choice. You’ll save a heck of a lot of money if you simply don’t bother engaging with any of this gadget nonsense, let’s be honest. And your human interaction levels will go through the roof! Imagine it!


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