Brazil 2014 Fifa World Cup plans in disarray – an annotated graphic

Half-finished stadia, violence in the streets, accusation of corruption at the highest level, a local population largely excluded from it all – why, it can only mean another major global sporting event in the news.

Not Sochi this time, but the football World Cup, set to bring unbridled joy/misery to far-flung corners of Brazil’s Amazonian geography, depending on who you are and h0w much money you have.

Four of the stadiums are behind schedule and unfinished, at time of writing, including the Arena Amazonia stadium in Manaus, where England will play its first game. The latest issue of E&T magazine has an exclusive feature about the last-minute nature of the building programme for Brazil’s World Cup – although who’s to say that given the ethos of just-in-time manufacturing, are these stadia really being haphazardly slapped together at the last second or is this smooth project management at its finest? One can spin it either way. The Guardian, for example, prefers the former take on the situation. It makes some good points.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Brazil World Cup 2014
Brazil World Cup 2014

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