E&T reader survey 2014 – love us, hate us, rate us, slate us – have your say, we’re all ears/eyes

As part of the IET’s ongoing commitment to publishing excellence (yada yada yada), we cordially invite both members and non-members to take part in the E&T reader survey 2014. In other words, even if you only have the vaguest passing interest in E&T, feel free to chip in your twopenneth on our operation.

To help deliver the best magazine for you we have developed a short online survey that addresses your reader habits and asks how you prefer to enjoy E&T content – be that in print, online, on tablet or via e-mail.

The survey should only take 10 minutes to complete. Hey, it beats working, right?

So, here’s that survey link in full: https://response.questback.com/theiet/eandtfeb/

If you want to make your feelings known you’ll need to complete the survey by Sunday March 9, when this exciting window of opportunity will slam firmly shut. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The survey is hosted online at QuestBack.com on behalf of the IET. Bingo bango!

E&T reader survey 2014: because we care what you think

E&T reader survey 2014: because we care what you think



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