China planning to build the world’s longest undersea tunnel – an annotated graphic

Chinese claustrophobics beware: your nation state is considering building a tunnel 123km long, 90km of which will be underwater. We’re feeling a bit queasy already.

This will be the longest undersea tunnel in the world, trumping Japan’s 54km Seikan Tunnel (23km undersea) and the 51km Channel Tunnel (38km undersea). What else is China going to do with $36 billion, eh?

As ever with these things, it’s all about cutting travel time. The plan is to link the port cities of  Dalian and Yantai, each of which sits on opposite sides of the Bohai Strait. Kind of annoying should you ever need to journey from one to the other – at present, that little jaunt will take you eight hours by ferry straight across or 1,400km by road around the entire perimeter of the Bohai Sea. You can see how this tunnel idea came to mind. A direct rail link will take around 40 minutes, which is an attractive proposition, even if most of said journey would take place inside an artificially lit concrete tube.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

China's undersea tunnel plans
China’s undersea tunnel plans

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