#Airlander giant unmanned airship to be flown over UK – an annotated graphic

The giant unmanned Airlander airship has been shown in the UK for the first time and is set to make its UK flying debut later this year, as reported by E&T news last week.

The world’s longest aircraft – part plane, part airship and part helicopter – was unveiled at Cardington, Bedfordshire, in the only hangar big enough to accommodate its 34m-wide and 26m-high frame.

Known as the HAV304, the 91m-long aircraft is designed to stay airborne for up to three weeks and can be used for a variety of functions including surveillance, communications and delivering aid. The ultra-green aircraft, created by Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), has just received a £2.5m grant from the UK government.

We also previously blogged about the Airlander when it was announced two years ago that the airship would be patrolling the skies of Afghanistan under the control of the US army.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Blimp ahoy
Blimp ahoy

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