Japanese families return to #Fukushima – Japan still reliant on imported fuel – two annotated infographics

For the first time since Japan’s nuclear disaster three years ago, authorities are allowing residents to return to live in their homes within part of the 20km no-go zone around the Fukushima plant.

Meanwhile, one direct consequence of the disaster sees all of Japan’s 48 reactors remaining closed for safety inspections, with as few as a third of them likely to pass the stringent checks required to restart. With many reactors staying offline, Japan will continue to be heavily dependent on imported fuel to maintain its economy.

E&T has been following the Fukushima story since the initial tsunami. Read our dedicated running story page for Fukushima news.

Click on the graphics for an expanded view.

Fukushima return
Fukushima return


Japan's energy issues
Japan’s energy issues



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