500-year-old shipwreck could be Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria – an annotated infographic

Avast ye scurvy landlubbers! Our timbers were well and truly shivered earlier this week by the announcement that a shipwreck discovered off the north coast of Haiti could be that of the Santa Maria, the very ship Christopher Columbus sailed for his first expedition to find the New World.

The wreck is the right length. Stones used as ballast match the Spanish quarry known to have supplied Columbus’ other ships. A cannon found onboard is of 15th century-design. It’s looking good for Coumbus fans.

Ancient shipwrecks are exciting discoveries. Like dinosaur bones, they make history come alive and tell a story that previously existed only on paper, dramatically rendering a legend in three-dimensions in the modern world. Our ocean floors are undoubtedly littered with the wrecks of hundreds of ships, and the bones of thousands of men, the sea bed withholding deathly secrets that may never be told.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

All aboard!
All aboard!



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