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E&T staff select their picks of the week from our daily news coverage – the best stories, industry developments, company announcements, new product releases, future predictions and past reflections.

Friday May 16 2014

Pocket-GP app promises to cut healthcare costs

Aasha Bodhani Babylon Health, the new NHS-approved smartphone app, is like having a GP in your pocket. The app has been designed to enable users to monitor their own health, arrange visits from nurses and seek professional advice from GPs through video consultations. As the NHS moves towards 21st century technology, the app could find itself integrated into the healthcare system in the future.

Aasha Bodhani, assistant technology features editor


Lockheed Martin under cyber-siege

James Hayes Lockheed Martin not only holds much high-end intellectual property data that’s worth billions on the ‘black data market’, but are also ‘prestige targets’ for hackers keen to test their mettle against an ‘impenetrable’ corporate computer system. Lockheed itself might be confident that it can keep the cyber-threats under control, but it must also ensure that its supply chain partners are adequately resourced with regard to information security.

James Hayes, technology features editor


Formula E raises €50m from new backers for launch

Lorna Sharpe A new international motor racing challenge gets under way in September, with the first Formula E event taking place around the Beijing Olympics stadium. The cars will be fast, high-tech – and electric. Formula E has just raised 50 million euros in new investment to launch the series.

Lorna Sharpe, transport editor


Sun setting on North Sea drilling tax loophole

Edd Gent It’s incredible that these North Sea drilling companies have been allowed to get away with this tax loophole for so long. It makes you wonder to what extent this was effectively a tax break sanctioned by the Government.

Edd Gent, online news reporter


Black-box streaming and free aircraft tracking offered by Inmarsat

Tereza Pultarova As a panicky flyer I kind of appreciate that the tragic loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 prompted the international aviation industry to speed up adoption of new technologies. Pity it takes such a disaster to get things moving.

Tereza Pultarova, online news reporter


Mobile phones help fight malaria

dominic-lenton With the World Health Organization estimating that malaria still kills more than a million people a year, many of them children, any new ways of tackling the disease must be good news. This week, researchers at Southampton University reported results of a novel approach to tracking how malaria spreads that combines records of mobile phone use with information about diagnosis of cases, topography and climate.

Dominic Lenton, managing editor


 Carphone-Dixons merger driven by Internet of Things

Dickon Ross Home networks of smart appliances is one of those Tomorrow’s World futures that’s always just around the next corner. But Carphone and Dixons must be confident it really is the next turning as they reckon their markets will become so entwined that they should merge their businesses now.

Europe’s first shared biometric ATM network to be created

Europe is to get first biometric cash machines. If they become more widespread they are bound to cause concerns about civil liberties and criminals stealing people’s fingers.

Megaphone-like exhaust to make new Formula One more noisy

Most people would welcome quieter car engines but not all F1 fans it seems as the sport considers adding megaphones to exhausts of new cars. Yes, we know petrolheads like the roar of the engines and the smell of petrol but they will soon get used to a quieter day at the track.

Dickon Ross, editor in chief

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