New issue of E&T magazine now online – the fashionable engineer issue

Technology and fashion are two of the coolest areas to work in for bright new talent in Britain. It’s surprising then that the two aren’t seen together more often. The first thing that usually springs to mind is “anoraks” rather than “innovative” or “cutting edge”. Yet fashion owes a lot to engineering and technology, and the clothing industry owes everything. From Arkwright’s spinning frame to the zip fastener or manmade fibres, what we wear has been shaped – literally – by mechanical engineering, manufacturing methods and materials science.

In this issue we discover how the conservative clothing industry is slowly learning to exploit opportunities from engineering breakthroughs, hearing from the designers using potentially revolutionary technologies in designs for the catwalk and, ultimately, the high street.

We also look at the how shop owners prepare to do battle with malware coming in via their POS hardware, as Microsoft ends support for Windows XP. Global supply chains face a never-ending struggle with the impacts of severe weather. Offshore wind farms test the network. Inmarsat’s COO talks to us about the future of avaiation satellite tracking. Data centres get their game faces on. The next Hadron Collider. Plus lots more of this sort of thing, you lucky blighters.

Check out the latest issue of E&T magazine online now.

E&T magazine issue 5 2014
E&T magazine issue 5 2014

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