#WorldCup2014 – match-day wallchart and handy team shirt reference guide – two annotated infographics

Few things in life are as fun as a World Cup wallchart, so we gift one to you today in order that you may begin efficiently organising a month of your life.

We also have a handy visual guide to the primary shirt choice of each of the 24 nations, so you’ll be able to tell who’s playing no matter how drunk you get. Neato. Well, unless you have a black and white telly, of course. In which case, you’ve got bigger problems than figuring out which teams are playing.

Anyhoo, we now eagerly await June 12, when host nation Brazil will open the tournament with a match against Croatia in Sao Paulo. This is what we love about the World Cup. When else are you going to see football matches such as Nigeria vs Uruguay or Iran vs Ecuador? Marvellous.

Click on the graphics for an expanded view. Print out and enjoy.

World Cup 2014 wallchart
World Cup 2014 wallchart


Get shirty
Get shirty

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