#WorldCup2014 – security in Brazil and new stadiums – two annotated infographics

With a little over two weeks to go before the tournament kicks off, Brazilian construction workers are still scrambling to finish the new stadia being built for the country’s World Cup carnival.

Fortunately for them, the stadium that will host Brazil’s opening match against Croatia is already completed, as is the new stadium in snake-infested, jungle-bound Manaus where the England team will heroically lose its first three games before blaming the weather, the hotel accommodation and probably the red-eyed Amazonian tree frog for their poor performances.

On a serious note, eight workers have died during the accelerated construction phase of Brazil’s 12 host football stadiums, the projects beset by accidents and missed deadlines. This is nothing compared to the carnage in Qatar, where 500 Indian labourers have already died building the stadia for the 2022 World Cup, but that’s another story entirely.

As if the problems with construction weren’t headache enough for the Brazilian authorities, they’ve also had to massively uprate their security plans following repeated demonstrations by local people about the cost of staging the World Cup, surging street crime and violent clashes with police. Major new security measures have been implemented and a police pacification programme is ongoing in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas in an attempt to calm the unrest and avoid besmirching the name of the beautiful game.

E&T magazine has an exclusive feature online now about how crowd security has changed from Hillsborough to Rio.

Click on either of the graphics for an expanded view.

Brazil's World Cup stadia
Brazil’s World Cup stadia


World Cup 2014 security plans
World Cup 2014 security plans

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