Malaysia Airlines flight #MH370 joins list of mysterious aviation disappearances – an annotated infographic

With the mystery as to what happened to flight MH370 no nearer to being solved, the ill-fated plane joins an historical list of famous mysterious aviation disappearances, going back to 1937 and the year legendary pilot Amelia Earhart vanished.

E&T‘s coverage of the hunt for flight MH370 continues, including our most recent stories on how the acoustic signals intercepted in early April probably did not originate from the black boxes of the missing plane; how raw satellite data used by telecommunications firm Inmarsat to determine the likely location of Flight MH370 wreckage has been made publicly available for independent experts to reassess; and the question over what exactly the ‘consolidated cargo’ the aircraft was listed as carrying might have been.

For our coverage in full, the MH370 running story page gathers everything together in one neat dynamic place.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

One of our aircraft is missing
One of our aircraft is missing

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