#Google Android Wear smartwatch news – wearable technology continues apace – an annotated infographic

Ahead of Google’s annual techfest shindig, Google I/O, later this month, we hear tell of something called Android Wear, the operating system of the company’s smartwatch.

Google is expected to demonstrate the Android Wear smartwatch OS at the technology conference in San Francisco. Working closely with technology partner Motorola – which already has its own smartwatch, the Moto 360 – the Android Wear smartwatch is expected to do all the hip tricks, like voice control, touch screen, messaging, internet browsing, changeable fascias. Funny how there’s no mention of its timekeeping abilities!

Naturally, there can be no discussion of a Google smartwatch without mentioning the fabled Apple iWatch. It is the balance of the tech universe, grasshopper, no yin without yang. The iWatch is now tentatively rumoured to possibly be released maybe in September this year, rocking a design not dissimilar to the Moto 360. Then again, folks said all this last year and nothing happened.

Hey, all this talk of smartwatches reminds me of E&T magazine’s special smartwatch issue from around that time. I know, pretty smooth, eh?

E&T magazine has also been probing the world of wearable technology with an inquisitive finger recently, the results of which were a feature on how nanomaterials have the potential to facilitate innovative new opportunities for the fashion industry.

By the way, if you’re the digital technology type, you’re definitely going to like this Google I/O Experiment page.  It is Officially Awesome and a totally valid way to waste time at work.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Android Wear
Android Wear

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