Tour de France bike and rider rules – an annotated infographic #TDF

Ahead of some men going on a really long bike ride this weekend, i.e. the Tour de France starting in Yorkshire, we look at the regulations governing bike and rider.

UCI rules drawn up in 2000 to ensure safety and prevent a technological arms race have led to a situation where professional racing bikes have been outstripped by the latest developments in materials and design.

Every aspect of the race bike has to conform to the rules – right down to the number of spokes and the size of the saddle – and the rider’s clothes are also regulated.

Earlier this week, E&T news reported how University of Sheffield researchers have created a giant painting of a bicycle in a field to encourage people to cycle more and also to explain cellular metabolism.

The painting, created using eco-friendly materials and located near the route of the Tour de France has been unveiled following a recent study which found that although 43 per cent of Britons have access to a bike, only 34 per cent go cycling once a year or more.

If you’re already a cycling enthusiast, you might enjoy this nugget from our recent archives, in which Rob McGowan visits a cross-section of Britain’s bicycle industry to discover that for those who’ve found their niche business is booming.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Tour de France 2014 rules
Tour de France 2014 rules



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