Ad agencies targetting marketing messages as #wearabletech #gadgets take off – an annotated infographic

Good news! As if we didn’t already have enough problems with spam e-mail, mobile pop-ups, video pre-roll and web tracking, now the advertising industry is targetting wearable technology, such as smart watches, as the next market in which to to inveigle their client’s inane wares. Whoop de doo. There’s a great Futurama scene where the gang are physically attacked by flying pop-up ads: disturbingly likely. Behold, the future.

Ah well, if you don’t buy in to wearable technology, you can safely avoid this whole hornet’s nest. There are no pop-up ads on an analogue watch.

Wearable technology is, of course, le buzz word du jour around the tech campuses of California and the world, what with Google weighing in with its Android watch.

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Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Wearable technology ads
Wearable technology ads

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