ExoMars: Meet Bridget, Brian and Bruno

One of the most exciting projects currently under way in the European space sector – ExoMars – a mission to land the first European rover on Mars. About a third of the size of Curiosity, its American older brother, ExoMars will search for signs of past and present life under the surface of the Red Planet.

E&T Magazine’s reporter Tereza Pultarova visited the facilities of Airbus Defence and Space in Stevenage, the UK, where this fascinating project is being brought to life.

The ExoMars engineers built a Mars Yard inside Airbus’s facilities in Stevenage, to test the rover in real-life conditions.

Watch to following video to meet Bridget, Bruno and Brian, three design iterations of the Exomars rover and listen to Ralph Cordey, the Head of Science at Airbus Stevenage, and Abbie Hutty, an ExoMars team member.

With the rover scheduled for launch in 2018, the engineers are busy to get the rover ready for final integration and testing.




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