#FormulaE Championship 2014-2015 – race season details – two annotated infographics

Later this year, ten cities around the world will play host to an experiment to use racing to push electric vehicle design as Formula E takes to the streets.

In the spring of 2011 Jean Todt of Formula One’s organising body FIA said it was time for the organisation to look at a type of race that would showcase technologies designed to deal with the environmental problems of motor transport. In September of this year, the 11 teams with all-electric open-wheeled race cars will head to one of the most polluted cities on Earth – Beijing – to kick off the first series of Formula E.

The inaugural Formula E season will be contested over 10 rounds beginning with the first race on September 13 2014 and the last in June 2015.

E&T magazine has an exclusive feature about Formula E online now.

Click on either graphic for an expanded view.

Formula E overview
Formula E overview


Formula E race calendar
Formula E race calendar

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