E&T magazine – what Scottish independence could mean for engineering and technology – new issue available online now

New issue of E&T magazine online now – the Scottish referenda:

‘Yes’ or ‘No, Thanks’? That’s the choice for Scots in next month’s referendum. What might Scottish independence mean for engineers and engineering? Also this issue, is shale gas a viable alternative to renewable energy resources? We look at what has been built for flood prevention since the last UK floods, as well as sea defences for Venice with the MOSE project, currently beset by allegations of corruption.

We also meet industrial designer Tom Karen, as well as hearing about fibre-optic interconnects, how utilities are the new front line cyber security, why sculpted drugs drove Pfizer to bid for AstraZeneca and how RFID tags are being used everywhere, even on USA marijuana plantations. Yes, you read that right.

Catch up with all the latest E&T features here:

E&T issue 8 2014
E&T issue 8 2014

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